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Some of our favorite handcrafted rugs - just at better prices. Use code 'SALE' at checkout to get 30% off these styles. 

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Wandsworth Rug - NuStoryWandsworth Rug - NuStory
Hand Knotted Wandsworth Rug Sale price$499.00
Saint James Coverlet Rug - NuStorySaint James Coverlet Rug - NuStory
Lover's Knot Coverlet I Rug - NuStoryLover's Knot Coverlet I Rug - NuStory
Juniper Rug - NuStoryJuniper Rug - NuStory
Juniper Rug Sale price$249.00
Clouds Rug - NuStoryClouds Rug - NuStory
Hand Knotted Clouds Rug Sale priceFrom $699.00
Crescent Rug - NuStoryCrescent Rug - NuStory
Hand Knotted Crescent Rug Sale priceFrom $599.00
Kicking Hay Rug - NuStoryKicking Hay Rug - NuStory
Kicking Hay Rug Sale priceFrom $399.00
Castlehill Rug - NuStoryCastlehill Rug - NuStory
Hand Knotted Castlehill Rug Sale price$499.00
Cozy Ella Rug - NuStoryCozy Ella Rug - NuStory
Hand Tufted Cozy Ella Rug Sale priceFrom $299.00
Wylde Rug - NuStoryWylde Rug - NuStory
Wylde Rug Sale priceFrom $109.00