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from craftsman to consumer

Authentic handcrafted rugs sold at attainable prices.

Elevated design

We create unique product assortments that blend modern designs with traditional techniques

Attainable prices

Our manufacturer-direct model delivers the finest handcrafted rugs at attainable prices

Care for communities

Designed in NYC and handcrafted around the world, human hands and hearts lead our process

We infuse care into the full product story to deliver uniquely curated rugs that are sustainably hand-crafted to last.

Our legacy partnerships between global artisan communities and NYC designers seamlessly blend traditional techniques with modern designs.

Our name nods to how our rugs lay a strong foundation for the new memories we help customers create at home.

Shop by Story Setting

Critical to every rug’s story is a setting: the time and place that inspired its design.

Modern Townhouse

Ground your space with geometric shapes inspired by modern and abstract art.

With contemporary curves and luxe materials, our Modern Townhouse collection reflects the creativity and spirit of the art world - from modern expressionists to graphic compositions. Its palette is an exploration of shades and pops of color - adding a wow factor to rooms big and small.

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Ground your space with vintage patterns inspired by eras past.

Our Loft collection revitalizes classic design elements with updated details and exciting twists. With repeating graphics and a palette of rich colors, these rugs speak to the collectors and the decorators.

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Ground your space with natural textured rugs inspired by a back-to-nature ethos.

The enchanting patterns woven into each casually textured rug serve as an ode to a spirited, free-flowing lifestyle. Made with a focus on natural, undyed materials and earth tones, these rugs will add an effortless and relaxed element to your home.

Shop Nomad


Ground your space with vintage styles with modern flair inspired by transitional seasons.

The designs, rich and diverse, pay homage to classic styles through a contemporary lens, capturing the essence of a charming historic townhouse.

Shop Brownstone


Ground your space with neutral palettes and statement-making lines, inspired by skylines and skyscrapers.

Our Highrise collection draws its creative essence from awe-inspiring skylines and urban grandeur. These rugs seamlessly fuse modern design, abstract artistry, and timeless craftsmanship to create modern minimalist area rugs.

Shop Highrise


Ground your space with warm colors and laid-back patterns inspired by summer in the outdoors. 

Drawing colors and patterns from the golden state, this collection brings a bit of West Coast to your home. These simple area rugs are made to go anywhere and ground any room - adding casual, yet classic panache to your spaces.

Shop Lakeside


Ground your space with eclectic textures inspired by the fields and forests.

Crafted in collaboration with renowned lifestyle editor Newell Turner, the Upstate collection is inspired by the New Ruralism—a movement that brings together town and country. Each modern farmhouse rug is handwoven to evoke barn boards, turkey feathers, green fields and hay bales.

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Where threads meet tales.

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