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Highrise - NuStory


Our captivating Highrise collection draws its creative essence from awe-inspiring skylines and urban grandeur. These neutral and blue-toned rugs bring a balance of form and function with abstract and geometric patterns.

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Composed Rug - NuStoryComposed Rug - NuStory
Composed Rug Sale price$199.00
Portico Rug - NuStoryPortico Rug - NuStory
Portico Rug Sale priceFrom $149.00
Channel Rug - NuStoryChannel Rug - NuStory
Channel Rug Sale priceFrom $149.00
Surf Rug - NuStorySurf Rug - NuStory
Surf Rug Sale priceFrom $299.00
Shale Rug - NuStoryShale Rug - NuStory
Shale Rug Sale priceFrom $299.00
Evening Path Rug - NuStoryEvening Path Rug - NuStory
Evening Path Rug Sale priceFrom $249.00
Cinema Rug - NuStoryCinema Rug - NuStory
Cinema Rug Sale priceFrom $499.00
Abstract Rug - NuStoryAbstract Rug - NuStory
Abstract Rug Sale priceFrom $59.00
Gallery Rug - NuStoryGallery Rug - NuStory
Gallery Rug Sale priceFrom $399.00
Sculpted Rug - NuStorySculpted Rug - NuStory
Sculpted Rug Sale priceFrom $299.00
Juniper Rug - NuStoryJuniper Rug - NuStory
Juniper Rug Sale price$249.00