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Brownstone - NuStory


The 'Brownstone' collection pays homage to classic styles through a contemporary lens, capturing the essence of a charming historic townhouse. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail and created with a blend of materials, these rugs capture the duality of preserving the richness of tradition with the optimism of the future.

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Courtfield Rug - NuStoryCourtfield Rug - NuStory
Courtfield Rug Sale priceFrom $499.00
Castlehill Rug - NuStoryCastlehill Rug - NuStory
Castlehill Rug Sale price$499.00
Wandsworth Rug - NuStoryWandsworth Rug - NuStory
Wandsworth Rug Sale price$499.00
Cornice Rug - NuStoryCornice Rug - NuStory
Cornice Rug Sale priceFrom $299.00
Bungalow Rug - NuStoryBungalow Rug - NuStory
Bungalow Rug Sale priceFrom $199.00
Finial Rug - NuStoryFinial Rug - NuStory
Finial Rug Sale priceFrom $199.00
Chalet Rug - NuStoryChalet Rug - NuStory
Chalet Rug Sale priceFrom $299.00
Eaves Rug - NuStoryEaves Rug - NuStory
Eaves Rug Sale priceFrom $499.00
Distillery Rug - NuStoryDistillery Rug - NuStory
Distillery Rug Sale priceFrom $199.00
Mercantile Rug - NuStoryMercantile Rug - NuStory
Mercantile Rug Sale priceFrom $299.00