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The Story Behind

Our Labor, Process and Quality Standards

As a member of the Obeetee Inc. family of brands, we are proud to work with leading innovators and reputable third-party certifications to ensure we are providing the best working conditions for our artisans, while striving to shrink our environmental footprint.

Labor & Process


Obeetee has created an additional Fair Trade Certified™facility called the Raj Carpet, where weavers receive a 2% premium that goes towards community projects of their choosing.


The GoodWeave label means that no child-labor was used in the making of the carpet.


Obeetee became the first Woolmark Licensee for hand-knotted rugs. The certification ensures that your rug is made of natural, renewable, biodegradable and high-quality wool.


SA 8000:2014

Obeetee was one of the first factories to receive this certification for social responsibility, ensuring we meet a code of conduct based on ILO conventions and international Human Rights standards.


Obeetee is the first in India to partner with the Wools of New Zealand to use Fernmark for handcrafted rugs.

Responsible Wool Standard

Obeetee has recently started to use RWS certified wool in several of their rugs, including NuStory collections.

Global Recycling Standard and Recycled Claim Standard

Obeetee’s manufacturing sites have been audited and found to be in conformity with the Global Recycled Standard (Version 4.0) and Recycled Claim Standard (Version 2.0) by Control Union under Textile Exchange Standard Claims Policy V1.3.