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Almost Gone

We're not a mass retailer. Our hand-knotted and hand-tufted rugs are designed in boutique assortments and made individually by artisans with 500 years of lineage in weaving. We don't overbuy or overproduce - making each of our rugs precious. Order these styles before they sell out. 

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Distillery Rug - NuStoryDistillery Rug - NuStory
Hand Knotted Distillery Rug Sale priceFrom $199.00
Tessellated Rug - NuStoryTessellated Rug - NuStory
Hand Knotted Tessellated Rug Sale priceFrom $599.00
Ridge Rug - NuStoryRidge Rug - NuStory
Hand Tufted Ridge Rug Sale price$299.00
Eaves Rug - NuStoryEaves Rug - NuStory
Hand Knotted Eaves Rug Sale priceFrom $499.00
Finial Rug - NuStoryFinial Rug - NuStory
Hand Knotted Finial Rug Sale priceFrom $199.00
Portico Rug - NuStoryPortico Rug - NuStory
Portico Rug Sale priceFrom $149.00
Evening Path Rug - NuStoryEvening Path Rug - NuStory
Evening Path Rug Sale priceFrom $249.00
Terraria Rug - NuStoryTerraria Rug - NuStory
Hand Tufted Terraria Rug Sale priceFrom $349.00
Wylde Rug - NuStoryWylde Rug - NuStory
Wylde Rug Sale priceFrom $109.00
Saint James Coverlet Rug - NuStorySaint James Coverlet Rug - NuStory
Castlehill Rug - NuStoryCastlehill Rug - NuStory
Hand Knotted Castlehill Rug Sale price$499.00
Porto Rug - NuStoryPorto Rug - NuStory
Porto Rug Sale price$449.00
Rastro Rug - NuStoryRastro Rug - NuStory
Hand Tufted Rastro Rug Sale priceFrom $149.00
Range Rug - NuStoryRange Rug - NuStory
Range Rug Sale priceFrom $119.00