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Article: A Letter from NuStory's President

A Letter from NuStory's President - NuStory

A Letter from NuStory's President

Dear NuStory Community,  

Today, we’re proud to relaunch our beloved NuStory brand — bringing affordably priced, versatile by design and sustainably made rugs directly to customers.

We’re continuing to write a new story for the rug industry, one based on transparency and propelled by an unmatched commitment to quality and care.

Designed in NYC and made by artisans around the world, NuStory products are all handcrafted using intricate and traditional weaving techniques, many of which have been passed down by artisan communities over centuries. Our products not only have unique character, but unique value. They stand the tests of time, and we can’t wait to see them move from chapter to chapter with our customers. As the maker, manufacturer and retailer, we drive the entire process and ensure these high standards for quality and care come at no added cost to the customer.

From interior designers and sustainable shoppers to early professionals and empty nesters, our customers come to us for curated styles, long-lasting quality and unbeatable prices, and they continue to stay to support our commitments to the craftsmen and the planet that make our business possible. We’re excited for the world to fall in love with our products — especially the new “Nomad,” “Loft” and “Modern Townhouse” rug collections we just launched.

Moving forward, you can expect more styles, more storytelling, and more reasons to engage in our journey. For now, thank you for being a part of our story.

More to come,
Patricia Carreras-Ben-Zvi


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