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Article: The Loft Collection

The Loft Collection - NuStory

The Loft Collection

Transitional Handcrafted Area Rugs

Our Loft Collection redefines traditional concepts with contemporary flair, offering a range of hand knotted and hand tufted rugs that elevate any living room floor. At the heart of the collection lies a celebration of natural luxe materials and historical references, infused with repeating graphics and a palette of rich colors. These rugs not only serve as functional floor coverings but also as statement pieces that reflect individual style and taste.

Historic Motifs and Modern Accents

A bestseller from the collection is the Bloom Rug, which seamlessly blends natural elements with grandeur. With floral motifs blooming from both ends, this rug evokes a sense of organic beauty. Hand knotted with a combination of wool and cotton, it not only adds a touch of softness to the floor but also provides durability that lasts for years.

For those drawn to vintage elegance, the Tessellated Rug is a masterpiece of intricate details. Hand knotted with precision using wool and cotton, this rug showcases geometric patterns reminiscent of classic tessellations. 

Hand tufted with a 100% wool pile, the Timeless Rug provides both softness and durability that stands the test of time. The taupe and ivory hues create a sophisticated, yet understated palette that can seamlessly blend with various interior design styles.

The Sana Rug stands out with its symmetrical lines and softened angles, making it ideal for formal spaces such as dining rooms. This hand knotted rug offers both visual appeal and practicality, seamlessly integrating into various interior design schemes.

Inspired by the beauty of winter flora, the Verdant Rug is a lush depiction of natural elements. With repeating graphics and rich colors, it serves as a unique piece of home decor that adds vibrancy to any room. Hand-knotted with meticulous attention to detail, this rug combines artistry with functionality, making it a versatile choice for modern living spaces.

Just as its name states, the Simpatico Rug is a handcrafted rug. Hand tufted with a premium blend of wool and cotton, its distinctive ochre color and geometric pattern add a layer of sophistication and modernity to rooms and make it an ideal choice for those looking to incorporate both historical elements and contemporary style into their home décor.

Traditional Craftsmanship and Contemporary Design

What sets NuStory’s Loft Collection apart is its ability to blend traditional craftsmanship with contemporary design sensibilities. Whether you’re looking to add warmth to a minimalist space or inject personality into a traditional setting, this curated collection of handcrafted rugs offer endless possibilities for savy decorators.

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