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The NuModern Collection

The NuModern Collection is art for your floors.

Shape, line and texture take the floor.
Within each collection, the NuStory design team prioritizes variety and versatility. We start with a broad set of ideas, and then narrow them down to reach just-the-right balance of texture, color and creativity. The NuModern Collection is curated with a collector’s eye. We started by looking at modern design and abstract art, and then we brought those ideas together with age-old techniques, like weaving and hand-tufting.


Our Sculpted Rug has a high-low pile for textural pattern with added softness.

An Artful Life
Pairing subtle neutral palettes with statement-making lines and shapes, the NuModern Collection brings art to everyday spaces. Our Gallery Rug takes its cues from abstract painting, but re-imagines the canvas as a palette of hand-tufted wool shapes in different pile heights. Tufted ivory loops sit alongside Moroccan shag stripes in subtle shades of gray. Our Abstract Rug takes a more expressionist approach, with washes of blue and ivory woven from a wool/viscose blend for soft luster. Each rug in this collection is a canvas for creativity.

In a palette of subdued blue, gray and beige, the Gallery Rug is good design from the ground up.
Art Deco Design
Just as the Art Deco movement of the 20th century combined modern style with rich materials and craftsmanship, this collection unites luxury with traditional techniques. Our Cinema Rug is hand-knotted from pure undyed wool for a natural, neutral look—yet the design is anything but basic, with interlocking lines inspired by geometric patterns found in Art Deco cinemas. Our Sculpted Rug also updates an Art Deco motif, with interlocking squares in a Greek Key pattern that’s been revived through countless decades, from the ancient world to the modern era. It’s a style that never goes out of fashion.
The Cinema Rug’s Art Deco pattern is hand-knotted using varying pile heights.
Quick Tip: Use Rugs to Define Different Zones
A statement rug is a simple way to define a room’s focal point. In a large space, use a rug to define zones within a room—like a seating area in a large living room, a dining zone next to the fireplace or a reading nook in a big bedroom. A soft, subtle pattern like the hand-tufted texture on our Carved Rug or the subtle gray chevron of our recycled PET Evening Path Rug makes a statement without shouting.  
The Carved Rug’s subtle pattern is softly sculpted from natural, undyed wool.