The NuClassic Collection

Traditional craft meets modern comfort.
Designed in New York and sustainably handmade, NuStory brings together old and new, from the story of traditional craft to the new narratives we each create when we make a home. Case in point: our NuClassic Collection. Inspired by vintage rugs and patterns collected from estate sales, we created a new twist on tradition—updating timeless designs with comfortable, long-wearing materials made for modern life.

The NuClassic Collection draws on past and present influences.


Hand-Knotted Heritage
All the carpets in our NuClassic Collection are hand-knotted, meaning they’re woven by hand on a loom to create a flatter pile that wears well over time. These rugs tend to last and look great after a little wear and tear. Natural cotton and wool are the main materials used, and some rugs include a hint of polyester for strength. A skilled weaver is behind every rug, and our workshop in India carries the SA 8000 Standard—the leading international social certification for factories.

The hand-knotted surface of NuStory’s Distillery Rug stands up to traffic and ages beautifully—like a fine spirit.


Designs with Depth

Each one-of-a-kind rug celebrates handcraft and history in a neutral palette that easily fits in any space. Our Mercantile Rug updates a classic pattern, using subtle beige-on-ivory medallions with a geometric border to merge present and past influences. Scholars have said1 that repeating medallions in Persian rugs represent the universe as a flat field, with the border of time enclosing the infinite arrangement of pattern—it’s truly a design with depth.

The NuStory Mercantile Rug brings subtle shades together in an allover pattern that fits in anywhere.


Go-Anywhere Patterns
The NuClassic Collection draws on the history of traditional carpets through the lens of modern design. In the early 20th century, companies like Mohawk Carpet Mills and Carson, Pirie, Scott published extensive catalogs advertising “both traditional and modern” patterns “sifted through the colander of public taste,”2 including all-over medallions, florals and diamonds. These patterns were popular in 1920s and 30s homes because they were easy to mix and match with eclectic furnishings. We designed this collection in the same spirit—with all-over patterns and neutral colors that work in both classic and contemporary spaces.

The NuStory Finial Rug’s intertwined design was inspired by ornamental patterns in vintage hardware.


Quick Tip: Fade Into Blue
The variations in a hand-knotted rug create depth and dimension, but they’re also forgiving when it comes to wear. Our Eaves Rug has a dense pattern of intertwined vines, which read as a field of deep but subtle blue. The all-over pattern tends to hide dirt, and it instantly upgrades a bathroom or kitchen. Vintage-style rugs are a smart way to soften materials like cast iron or stainless steel—try a runner in front of the kitchen sink or a large rug in the bathroom for a vintage-meets-modern look.

The NuStory Eaves Rug instantly upgrades a bathroom or kitchen.


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