Introducing NuStory: Storied Objects, New Styles

NuStory’s rugs are hand-woven, hand-tufted and hand-knotted in India. 


Why You Need a NuStory

Storytelling is a way of making sense of the world, and we need it now more than ever. Our current Digital Age feels increasingly fractured and abstract. To counteract this, many of us are seeking to be grounded in a sense of place. That process can be as simple as coming home once again and taking stock of our surroundings.

When we began our brand, we sought to celebrate stories, places and people. Designed in New York and sustainably handmade, NuStory brings together traditional craft and modern comfort. We’re always in search of the next story, whether traveling to India to collaborate with weavers or exploring our home state in search of inspiration.


Designed In New York
Our story starts in New York City, where our design team dreamed up a curated assortment of rugs. Inspired by the energy, resilience and international legacy of our city, we wanted our products to be:

  • Distinct: Textural with a curated color palette
  • Versatile: Styles for every space, from current to classic
  • Sustainable: Responsibly made with materials you can feel good about
  • Handcrafted: Made in partnership with Indian artisans
  • A Good Value: Quality and craft at an accessible price


Our name—NuStory—brings together old and new, from the story of traditional craft to the new narratives we each create when we make a home. It’s also an homage to the city we call home, where buildings and communities are constantly evolving, with new stories added through the years.


We source sustainable materials, from natural wool and cotton to renewable jute to recycled PET.


Sustainably Handmade
From fair labor to sustainably sourced materials, we put people and the planet first. We partner with workshops who carry the SA 8000 Standard, the leading social certification for factories, along with GoodWeave, a standard for social accountability that’s dedicated to ending illegal child labor in the rug industry. Our products are crafted to last, and we make things sustainably—from working with factories powered by renewable solar energy to using recycled or sustainably sourced fibers.


From the designer to the weaver, each rug carries a digital fingerprint documenting its history.


The NuStory Standard
Every product we make has a person behind it. From the designer to the weaver, we follow the story—documenting it all in a digital fingerprint. We use third-party certifications, and quality control experts monitor progress at each stage of production. We care about craft and deliver products that are: 


  • Handmade: Hand-knotted, tufted, woven and screen-printed
  • Natural & Recycled: Including wool, cotton and recycled PET yarn
  • High Quality: Livable, low-maintenance and made to last


We partner with artisans in India and the United States, and our company meets the highest social and environmental standards. The story starts with us, and you make it your own.


Textural and designed with a curated color palette, our high-quality rugs are handcrafted.


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